Silver Pixel Photography has over 25 years of wedding experience to offer our brides and grooms. Our service is very personalized allowing each couple to show their unique personality. We photograph one wedding a day using the finest equipment and techniques available. Simply, we offer the best service and product available on your wedding day.
Jim, the primary photographer on all weddings, has been schooled at the New England Institute of Professional Photography. He has been active in the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of New England, Connecticut Professional Photographers Association and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. He was an early innovator in digital photography in the area, being among the first local professionals to transition into professional digital cameras.
Our style is a mix of classic wedding photography with some fun candid work to round out the day. With all the ways to label one's style, a famous photographer (Henri Cartier-Bresson) once said, “Photography is nothing, it's life that interests me.” And that is the way we go about capturing your day. Taking the interesting details and exciting moments of your day, and preserving them in real way. How you live your life should not be tagged with a cute catchphrase like “documentary” or “photojournalistic” that will fade away in a few years. Our equipment and workflow has changed over the years, yet our style has remained relatively constant. And yes, we still do have a lot of fun photographing weddings!